Wooden Spoon Butter

Wooden Spoon Butter


Wooden spoons are subjected to a lot of abuse – they're exposed to heat, dipped in all sorts of foods and then plunged in water when you wash them. All things that are bad for wood. Over time that leaves wooden spoons dried out and stained, and eventually causes them to split. Protect your wooden spoons from all of that abuse by conditioning them with my wooden spoon butter. It's made of a blend of food-grade mineral oil and beeswax. The mineral oil nourishes the wood, while the beeswax forms a protective coating to prevent stains and keep water out.

Just apply the wood butter to your wooden spoons, using your fingers or a rag; allow it to soak in for several hours (or overnight). Then, wipe off the excess, and return your wooden spoons to service. Apply a new coat any time your wooden spoons start to feel dry.

My wooden spoon butter works just as well on cutting boards, butcher blocks, rolling pins and wooden salad bowls. And it's great for your hands, too.

What You'll Get: a 4-oz. jar of wooden spoon butter (packaged in a wide-mouth jar for easy access). If you plan to use it on cutting boards, butcher blocks or other large items consider order my cutting board butter. It's the same product in an 8-oz. jar.



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