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  • Aromatherapy Inhaler - Scent Options

    Aromatherapy Inhaler


    Take your essential oils with you on the go. These aromatherapy inhalers are the size of a tube of lip balm, and come loaded with essential oil blends to help you get through the day. Just unscrew the cap; hold the inhaler up to your nose; and breathe in deeply. Then, repeat on the other side.

    Toss them in your bag or pocket without worry. There's nothing to spill and mess up your stuff.

    Our inhalers are made with 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, and last a really long time. Just keep them capped between uses to maintain their scent.

    Available in several oil blends.

    Sinus Headache Blend
    Peppermint oil – good for headaches and congestion
    Tea tree oil -anti-bacterial
    Eucalpytus – decongestant

    Migraine Headache Blend
    Peppermint oil – good for headaches
    Lemon oil – reduces blood pressure and improves circulation
    Lavender – calming

    Nausea Blend
    Ginger oil

    Cold/Flu Blend
    Pine – anti-viral, decongestant
    Lemon – helps with fever, sore throats and headaches
    Orange – immune stimulant

    Wake Me Up Blend
    Peppermint, lemon and rosemary – helps with mental alertness

    Seasonal Allergy
    Lavender – anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory
    Peppermint – anti-inflammatory
    Lemon oil – anti-inflammatory

    Lavender – promotes relaxation and restful sleep

    These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Inhalers are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Note intended for children. Consult doctor before use if pregnant, nursing or under treatment for chronic disease.

  • Bath Bombs

    Bath Bombs


    Our bath bombs are scented with pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, and won’t leave a ring in your tub. Choose from lavender and sinus. Net wt. 2.5 oz.


    Lavender: Baking soda, citric acid, sweet almond oil, lavender essential oil, polysorbate 80 and mica

    Sinus: Baking soda, citric acid, sweet almond oil, peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils, polysorbate 80 and mica

  • Beeswax Food Wraps

    Beeswax Food Wraps


    These reusable beeswax food wraps are better than plastic wrap in every way. Simply use your fingers to mold the wrap around the food or container that you wish to cover, and it’ll hold that shape, until you flatten it back out. You can even lift the wrap off of leftovers, and put it back in place without having to reshape it. These soften and get better the more you use them. Hand-wash them in soapy water, and use them again and again.

    Dipped in 100% beeswax.

    Each set comes with three wraps. Choose from our bowl cover set, which includes (2) 12-inch and (1) 14-inch cover, or our casserole cover set, which includes (2) covers sized to fit 8″ x 8″ and 9″ x 9″ dishes and (1) sized to fit 9″ x 13″ dishes.

    Do not put over hot foods or subject wraps to heat. Not dishwasher or microwave-safe. Not recommended for use with meat.

  • Beeswax Furniture Polish

    Beeswax Furniture Polish


    This is a good, old-fashioned furniture polish paste made with beeswax, mineral oil and lemon essential oil. It doesn't contain any of the silicone, propellants and junk that you'll find in most modern furniture polishes. Just apply it to your furniture with a rag, and wipe off the excess. It'll restore the moisture to thirsty wood and create a protective barrier against scratches and water rings. If you already have scratches and water rings, it'll help to hide those, too.

  • BeeswaxWax Melts Made With Essential Oils

    Beeswax Wax Melts


    Freshen the air in your home naturally. These 100% beeswax wax melts are scented with pure essential oils. They'll make your home smell nice, and they’ll actually clean the air, while they’re doing it. Beeswax has been shown to act as a natural air purifier, pulling dust, pollen and other pollutants from the air.

    These are a great alternative to soy or paraffin melts. They're longer-lasting, and they're free of questionable ingredients.

    You will receive one package of six wax melts.

    Net Weight 2.8 oz.

    Choose From:

    Sinus Headache (peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils)
    Seasonal Allergy (peppermint, lavender and lemon essential oils)
    Cold & Flu (Scotch pine, lemon and orange essential oils)
    Rosemary Mint (rosemary and peppermint essential oils)
    Holiday Spice (orange, cinnamon and clove essential oils)
    Christmas Tree (Scotch pine essential oil)
    Peppermint (peppermint essential oil)
    Lavender (lavender essential oil)

    Note: Melts scented with essential oils aren't as strongly fragranced as those made with synthetic fragrances, but they still give off a great scent. Even after the scent wears off, they'll continue to clean the air.

    Follow the instructions that came with your wax melter.

  • Bill Pay Stickers

    Bill Pay Stickers


    Need something to help you remember when your bills are due? These bill pay stickers are the solution you've been looking for. Use them to mark due dates in your planner or on your calendar, so you'll have that quick visual reminder you need to ensure you get your payments in on time.

    This set includes stickers for 38 common bills, plus a bunch of blank stickers so you can tailor the set to your specific needs. And it contains 12 of each sticker, so one set will take you through an entire year. That's 567 stickers in total! You won't find a more complete bill pay sticker set anywhere.

    And it's reasonably priced, too. At $12 that breaks down to just $1 a month. If this set helps you avoid even one late fee, it will more than pay for itself.

    Here's What You'll Get When You Order:

    • (3) 8.5×11″ sheets of glossy stickers, backed with permanent adhesive
    • A key to remind you what each sticker is for
  • Bug Bar

    Bug Bar


    Keep bugs away without applying a bunch of questionable chemicals to your skin. Our all-natural bug bars use essential oils, like citronella and peppermint, to repel mosquitoes, ticks and other pests. And since they also contain shea butter, olive oil and beeswax, they're great for your skin, too. Just rub the bar over your skin, and repeat as needed. This is a solid stick of lotion. Store it in a travel soap container, so you can take it with you on the go.

    Approximate net weight: 3 oz.

  • Bug Sticks

    Bug Stick


    Keep mosquitoes, ticks and other bugs away without applying nasty chemicals to your skin. This all-natural bug stick use essential oils to repel bugs, and comes packaged in a deodorant-style tube, so it's easy to take on the go. Just rub it on your skin, and enjoy your time outdoors.

    Our bug sticks contain shea butter, beeswax and olive oil, so they're great for your skin. They go on heavy, making it easy to catch missed spots. Then, and soak in within 15 minutes.

    Net wt. 1.65 oz.

  • Casserole Hot Pad

    Casserole Hot Pad


    Finally! A hot pad that’s actually big enough to protect your table from hot casserole dishes. Fits up to a 10”x13” dish. Made with three layers of batting, including a layer of insulated batting.

    Choose from 12 colors. See second photo for options. Quantities are limited.

  • Cutting Board Butter

    Cutting Board Butter


    Good-quality cutting boards are an investment. Keep them conditioned and protected by applying cutting board butter to them regularly. My cutting board butter is a blend of food-grade mineral oil and beeswax, and is formulated to keep your cutting boards at their best. The mineral oil penetrates the wood to restore moisture, and the beeswax forms a protective coating to help minimize the occurrence of food stains and to keep water and foods from penetrating the wood. Apply a coat whenever your cutting boards feel dry, and you'll greatly extend their life.

    Cutting board butter is a great way to bring out the natural beauty of unfinished woods. It can also be used on wooden spoons, rolling pins, butcher blocks, salad bowls and other wooden objects.

    What You'll Get: an 8-oz. jar of cutting board butter (packaged in a wide-mouth jar for ease-of-use). If you'd like to buy a smaller amount, check out my wooden spoon butter. It's the same product, sold in a 4-oz. jar.

  • Freezer Find-It Magnets

    Freezer Find-It Magnets


    Keeping up with what's in your freezer can be a real challenge, and it gets even trickier if you have more than one freezer. Did you put that bag of corn in your kitchen freezer or your chest freezer? Right now, you probably dig until you find what you're looking for, or until your fingers get so cold you give up, but there's a better solution. Just order a set of my Freezer Find-It Magnets, and you'll know what's inside your freezer before you even open the door.

    Each set comes with 64 magnetic labels, listing all the foods that you're likely to store in your freezer, plus 18 blank labels that you can customize to your needs. As you place items in your freezer, just stick the corresponding magnet on the door, and you'll know what you have and which freezer its in.

    Feel like you're always losing things in your chest freezer? These magnets can solve that, too. Just stick each magnet on the side of the freezer the item is on, and you'll know where to start your search.

  • Garden Journal - Complete Refill

    Garden Journal – Complete Refill


    This is the complete refill for my Reader's Digest garden journal. It includes all 114 pages that you got the first time, including the seed pockets, plant tag pockets, storage pockets and envelopes. It just doesn't include the cover and the dividers, since you already have those. Slip this refill into your garden journal, and you'll be ready for another garden season.

    Only need a refill for one section of your journal? Check my other listings to find the refill that you're after.

    Please note: These pages have been sized and punched to fit my Reader's Digest garden journals.

  • Honey Shaving Soap

    Honey Shaving Soap


    Treat your skin to a better shave. Our honey shaving soap is made from just two ingredients – organic glycerin and honey. It’s deeply moisturizing; produces a rich lather; and fits perfectly in a mug. Net wt. 4 oz.

  • Honey Soap

    Honey Soap


    Our honey soap is made with raw honey, organic glycerin and nothing else. We pack 15% honey into each bar to give it its light honey scent and gorgeous amber color. And that makes it great for your skin, too. Both honey and glycerin are humectants, so they draw moisture from the air to your skin. Pretty neat trick.

    Approximate net weight: 4 oz.

  • Kitchen Conversion Towel

    Kitchen Conversion Tea Towel


    This tea towel is as pretty as it is practical. It features common kitchen conversions and substitutes, so the next time you have a cooking or baking question, you can reach for your towel, rather than your computer. Need to know how many ounces are in a cup, or how to whip up a quick buttermilk substitute? This towel has you covered.

    And because quality matters, these towels are printed on thick cotton-linen canvas, and are generously-sized (measuring in at approximately 15.25″ x 24.75). Your towel will arrive pre-washed, and will only get nicer each time you wash it.

  • Eye Pillow Fabric Options

    Lavender Eye Pillow


    Place one of these lavender-infused eye pillows over your eyes or forehead to relieve headaches, soothe tired, puffy eyes, reduce stress or help you fall asleep. They can be microwaved, chilled or used at room temperature. Our eye pillows are made from soft flannel; then, filled with white rice and dried lavender; and double-stitched, so they’ll last for years. Available in nine fabrics (see second photo for options).