Spring Curb Shopping Highlights

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Vintage Trash Can

Spring curb shopping is the best. People get busy decluttering, and we get busy picking up things we need for free. Here are some of the things that we’ve picked up so far:

Trunk Full of Irises

An entire trunkload of irises. I gave my mother-in-law half of them, and kept the rest for myself. They’re deep purple.

I also rescued a copy paper box full of irises from another pile (not sure what color they are yet) and a pot of pink hyacinth bulbs from still another pile. It’s amazing how many plants I’ve gotten from curb piles over the years (sure beats paying for them).

Patio Cushions

Can you believe someone threw these patio cushions out? They look brand new. I got all the ones you see here, plus two more that I’m already using up at the cabin. We also rescued a nice wicker chair from the same pile. Crazy!

Wood Pallets

We plan to finish the cabin walls in wood planking, but I don’t want a big lumber bill, so we’ve been picking up hardwood pallets. We’ll break them down, plane them, and they’ll be every bit as good as store-bought lumber (probably better).

Asphault Shingles

My oldest daughter is going to build some Little Free Libraries for her Girl Scout Silver Award project. This unopened bundle of asphault shingles will definitely come in handy for that.

Punching Bag

I’ve wanted a punching bag for years, and now I have one. I just need to order a pair of women’s boxing gloves, and I’ll be set.

Basketball Goal

We’ve been looking for a basketball goal to use up at the cabin (there’s a random poured-concrete slab that’s the perfect size for a court). We finally found this one. I love that it has a chain net.

Table Tennis Set

This table tennis set allows you to turn any table into a tennis table. Pretty cool, eh? It’s headed up to the cabin, too.

Nerf Darts

My kids were psyched when we found these nerf darts in the same pile as the table tennis set. I’m pretty sure they’d tell you this was the best curb pile we’ve shopped this season.

Vintage Trash Can

And this vintage trash can just had to come home with us. I love the floral design, and it matches the colors in our house perfectly.

Out of all these curb finds, which one do you think is the best? I’m having a hard time deciding.

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