Spring Curb Shopping

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Spring Curb Shopping

I love when everyone goes into spring cleaning mode because the curb piles start to grow. Here’s a peek at some of the stuff that we’ve picked up over the last few days:

Three new flower pots.

Terracotta Flower Pot

I especially like this one. Old terracotta has so much more character than the new stuff, and it’s built to last.


The planter is ugly, but I never pass up free plants. I’ll repot them, and have them looking great in no time.

Pepper Cages

So far we’ve snagged five more cages for our peppers. If we find two more, we’ll be set.

Tomato Cages

We just added three more tomato cages to our collection this morning. My tomato starts seem to be doing well, so we’re going to need them.

Garden Hose

And this is one of several garden hoses that I’ve picked up in preparation for an upcoming project. More about that soon.

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