Free Christmas 2012: Stocking Stuffers

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Lotion Samples

This year, if it isn’t free, it won’t be going into our stockings. So how much harder is it to get free stocking stuffers? Not a bit. Take a look at what I’ve gotten so far:

For My Husband

Free Christmas 2012: Stocking Stuffers

All of these instant coffee samples came from a single sample request. My husband will be psyched.

Tea Bags

Iced Tea Bags

And for the days when he’s not in a coffee mood? Tea. These tea bags (many of which are organic) came from five different free sample requests.

Hershey's Simple Pleasures

Because chocolate is a stocking must-have, I snagged this bag of Hershey’s Simple Pleasures at CVS (free after ECBs).

Lindt Lindor Truffles

This bag of Lindt Lindor Truffles (free with a coupon that I scored on Facebook).

Unreal Candy

And this collection of Unreal candy bars (free with Staples Rewards). At this point I probably have too much candy for his stocking, but the kids were with me when I bought it all, so I can’t shift any of it over to their stockings. Lucky him.

Hair Gel

On the non-edible side, I also scored this free sample of hair gel. It’s just the right size for him to take on a trip.

For My Kids

Christmas Candy

I purchased a shampoo and conditioner money-maker at CVS. Then, used the resulting ECBs, along with a few more that I’d been saving, to buy my kids’ stocking candy. I still need to pick up one more Reese’s tree to even things up.

Lego Figures

Both of my kiddos are into Legos at the moment, so I cashed in some of my RecycleBank points for a free $5 eBay gift card, and bought these figures for their stockings.

Colored Glue Sticks

I spotted these colored glue sticks in a clearance basket at Office Depot, and paid for them with My Worklife Rewards. Since there are five glue sticks, I’ll have to hold one back to keep things “even steven.”

Sneaker Keychain

My eight-year-old has been eyeing the sneaker keychains at Staples for a while now. They finally went on clearance for $.50, so I snagged one for her with my rewards.

eos Lip Balm

Last year I stuck an eos lip balm in each kids’ stocking, and they loved them. I’m doing that again this year – only this time, I didn’t pay for them. They were free after Register Rewards at Walgreens.

Lotion Samples

And to satisfy their love of trying out new lotions? A bunch of samples.

Want to see what else I’m going to stick in their stockings? Check back regularly to find out. I’ll be posting updates throughout the season.

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