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Target Cartwheel Trick

By Erin Huffstetler | 02/26/2014 | No Comments
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Calling all Target Cartwheel users. A cashier taught me a neat trick, and now I want to pass it on to you.

Okay, here’s the deal: A couple weeks back I was working a triple stack deal at Target. I handed the cashier my manufacturers coupons, my store coupon and my Target Cartwheel. After she finished ringing me up, she handed me my Cartwheel barcode back and mentioned that she thought you could reuse the same barcode week after week. Say what?

This was big news in my world. Anything that saves me printer ink is big news in my world.

So, I saved my Cartwheel, and waited for the next killer deal to see if it worked. Today, was that day. And when I handed my old Cartwheel over to the cashier, it worked! Now, that I know that, I’m going to slip my barcode into a plastic sleeve and stick it in my household notebook until the next deal.

Not Familiar with Target Cartwheel?

Here’s the scoop: Cartwheel is Target’s newest coupon program. It’s free to join, and you can sign up at Instead of clipping or printing a bunch of coupons, you just scroll through all of the current deals on the site, add the ones that you want to your Cartwheel list, and then print or load a barcode to your Smartphone. When the cashier scans your barcode at the register, it automatically deducts the savings for all of your Cartwheel deals. Pretty slick stuff.

And if you happen to have a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon for an item on your Cartwheel list, you can use those, too. You can even use your Cartwheel and coupons on sale and clearance items.

Oh, and that stupid two-print limit that you run into with most printable coupons? That’s not a problem with Cartwheel. In fact, I just loaded a deal this morning that had a limit of 50!

Just How Good are The Deals?

Here’s are two deals that I snagged today:

Mechanical Pencils

I found these 10-packs of Up & Up mechanical pencils on clearance for $1.38 each.

A $1-off Up & Up school supplies coupon and a 10% off Cartwheel brought the cost down to just $.34 each.


These dividers were $1.32 each.

A $1-off Up & Up school supplies coupon and a $10% off Cartwheel brought them down to $.32.

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