Turn a Dog House into a Chicken Coop

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Turn a Dog House into a Chicken Coop

I’m reposting this so you can see all of the improvements that we’ve made since we built our coop. Hopefully this will give you some ideas for your own coop.

When we came across a dog house in a curb pile a couple weeks back, we knew we had found our chicken coop. We hauled it home, made a few modifications, and now we have the perfect home for our hens.

Here’s a before picture …

Dog House

And an after picture …

Chicken Coop with Run

Quite the transformation don’t you think?

Now, here’s a look at how we modified the dog house, in case you want to tackle a similar makeover …

Coop Roof

We cut off the roof and tweaked it so that it would be removable for cleaning. The original roofing job wasn’t great, so we used some tin that we rescued from a barn tear down to reroof it.

Build Supports to Raise the Coop

Then, we used some salvaged lumber to raise the dog house up off the ground (the legs were made from a redwood swing set beam that we rescued from another curb pile).

Chicken Tractor Wheels

Since we wanted a moveable chicken tractor, we also added wheels, courtesy of an old lawn mower. We originally used smaller lawn mower wheels, but found these worked better.

Chicken Tractor Handle

To make it easier to move around, we also added a handle to the front side of the coop. It came from a curb pile, and was originally part of a swing set. To keep the chickens from kicking out their bedding, we also added a board across the bottom of the door.

Perch in Coop

A simple branch hung a few inches off the ground satisfies their need for a perch.

Nesting Boxes

Hen in a Nesting Box

And because no coop would be complete without nesting boxes, we added a small addition on the back with room for two (the wood and hinges were also curb shopped).

Chicken Run

Perch in Chicken Run

A good sized run and a fresh coat of paint made our coop move in ready.

Chickens in Coop

So far, our girls seem pleased with their new home.

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      1. Hi Erin

        Great idea here. We’ve wanted chickens for years but cant figure out how to get a safe enough home for them we can afford. We have woods all around our property..all kinds of predators. We have an old wood shed on the edge of our property but it would take sooo much work basically rebuild to make it safe enough I don’t know if we could. Anyway how do you keep them warm in the winter? Your roost box holds 2 bvt u have 5? Most importantly how do you clean it? Thanks for all your info.

  1. Hi Erin, I’m so glad to see how you built your coop! I salvaged the bulk of the wood from a friend’s playset including the roof pieces from the fort that are ready-built walls. I’m designing the coop over the winter and building in early spring in time to host some chicks! I am reading EVERY post you have on chickens. They are all extremely helpful!

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