Turn Your Garbage into Gift Wrap

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Turn Your Garbage into Gift Wrap

I keep a couple rolls of wrapping paper on hand, but for the most part, I wrap my gifts in things that most people would throw away. It saves me some cash, and it cuts down on our trash. Here’s a peek at some of my favorite ways to wrap a gift:

Recycled Gift Wrap 2

Strawberry baskets and berry boxes are perfect for wrapping small gifts.

Recycled Gift Wrap 3

Recycled Gift Wrap 4

Recycled Gift Wrap 5

Take out containers work well, too.

Recycled Gift Wrap 6

Recycled Gift Wrap 7

And empty oatmeal and peanut containers look extra snazzy when dressed up with just a bit of wrapping paper.

I save ribbons, bows and tissue paper from the gifts that we receive throughout the year, so I always have plenty of embellishments on hand to finish a gift off right.

Do you like to turn your garbage into gift wrap, too? Please share some of your favorite upcycling ideas.

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