Uses for Coffee Grounds in the Garden

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Used Coffee Grounds

Like coffee? So does your garden. Save the used grounds from your morning coffee, and use them to fertilize the acid-loving plants in your yard (things like azaleas, hydrangeas and blueberries). Then, after you have that covered, add some to your compost pile. Coffee grounds are a great source of carbon, and will help your compost to cook down faster. Planning a lasagna garden? Use grounds as one of your layers. Trying to keep the neighborhood cats out of your vegetable garden? Yep, they’ll do that too. See? Clearly coffee grounds are too useful to throw away.

Start saving the grounds from your morning coffee. Then, step it up a notch by snagging more free coffee grounds from Starbucks.

Used Coffee Grounds in the Garden

You’ll find a basket at the front of each store labeled “free grounds for your garden”. There are usually at least a few bags tucked in there, but if you don’t see any, just ask at the counter. They’re more than happy to hook you up.

To make sure you get your share, start picking up grounds from Starbucks now. Once spring gets here, the demand increases significantly.

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  1. True I have seen people get gargabe bags of grounds.While waiting in the drive thru. Great tip. Tea leaves are also great for the lawn not sure about what plants. Maybe do one on tea?

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