Ripped Camp Chair

Vintage Camp Chair Makeover

By Erin Huffstetler | 02/22/2016 | 1 Comment

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I bought this vintage folding camp chair at a yard sale a year or so back (I think I paid all of $1 for it). It wasn’t ripped at the time, but it tore shortly after we started using it. I guess it had dry-rotted.

Since the frame was still in good shape, I decided to make a new seat for it.

Old Upholstery on Chair

It had really nice upholstery tacks, so we pried them out carefully, hoping to reuse them.

When we removed the old seat, we made a fun discovery: this little camp chair had already been reupholstered once. I love that!

Camp Chair Refurbished

I had a few yards of heavy-weight canvas that I had picked up at a yard sale, thinking it would prove useful some time, and this was that time.

You may already recognize the fabric, since I’ve used it as a photo backdrop a few times.

Vintage Upholstery Tacks

I cut a new seat out of the canvas, using the old seat at my pattern. Then, I stretched it over the frame, and reattached it with the original upholstery tacks. So glad I was able to salvage those tacks.

Stitching Closeup

After looking at the reupholstered chair, I decided it still need a little something, so I dug through my stash of embroidery floss, and stitched a row along both sides. Much better.

Top of Folding Camp Chair

I can’t wait to bring it up to the cabin. I think it’ll work well as an ottoman/extra seating in the living room.

T-Shirt Braids

Now to get back to my other cabin project. I’ve been working on a large braided rug for the living room, made from old t-shirts. I should have it done in a couple weeks. Stay tuned for the tutorial.

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