Vintage Christmas Home Tour

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Curb-Shopped Holiday Wreath

I’ve gotten lots of compliments on my holiday wreath, and you know where I got it? A curb pile. Yep, it was someone else’s cast off. Pretty lucky find, since it fits in perfectly with the red, brown and gold color scheme that I chose this year.

If you love vintage and curb finds as much as I do, you’re going to love the rest of my Christmas decorations. Come take a quick tour of my house.

Christmas Doormat

This holiday doormat isn’t vintage, and it wasn’t a curb find, but it was free. Remember all of those Pottery Barn rewards that we earned when we bought our dining room table and chairs? I used some of them to buy this doormat. We’ve had it for years, and it’s held up beautifully.

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

The antique farm table next to our front door is home to our Charlie Brown Christmas tree (bought a few years back with CVS ExtraCareBucks) and the little Cocoa-Cola wagon that I unearthed in my mother-in-laws basement last spring. I filled it with ornament balls (Dollar Tree and Target clearance), and viola! An instant Christmas decoration.

Galvanized Stand

This three-tiered galvanized stand was purchased with those same Pottery Barn rewards. This time of year, I fill it with pine cones and a berry wreath.

Shutter Plant Stand

And that plant stand that it’s sitting on? Another curb find. Someone made it out of old shutters. Pretty cool.

Garden Cloche with Christmas Ornaments

We rescued this garden cloche from a free box at our local Salvation Army thrift store. It had the teeny tiniest of cracks. I use it as a decoration on the front porch year round, but for Christmas, I filled it with ornament balls (Dollar Tree) and a glittery pine cone mix that I found at Goodwill.

Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

A few Christmases back, we made six tomato cage Christmas trees for the front of the house. They don’t look like much during the day, but when they’re lit up at night, they look pretty fabulous. Here’s how to make them.

H Monogrammed Welcome Flag

Our monogrammed Christmas flag was a lucky thrift store find. Who says you have to shop retail to have monogrammed stuff? We’ve even found second-hand backpacks monogrammed with our kids names. All it takes is a little patience.

All right, now that you’ve seen the front porch, please hurry inside. I want to show you my favorite Christmas decoration next.

Gumball Machines Full of Christmas Ornaments

Gumball machines filled with ornaments! Remember when my husband and I rescued these from a curb pile? I saw them in the basement, when I was bringing up the Christmas decorations, and a light bulb went off. Definitely my new favorite.

Christmas Display on Sideboard

This display on the sideboard makes me smile, too. So much vintage goodness.

Christmas Display on Sideboard Lit Up

Here it is with the joy canvas lit up. My youngest daughter (11) made it at art club yesterday. Love it!

Jadeite Plates

And see that tall stack of Jadeite plates? I found them last week at an estate sale for $5. That’s $5 for 10 plates. Crazy, right? And that mug on top? It was a $.10 yard sale find. I have two more just like it. So, affordable Jadeite does exist, it just doesn’t come along very often.

Those things that look like candy canes in the mug are actually little candles. I found them at a new-to-me thrift store last week. Not sure what I’m going to do with them yet, but in the meantime, I like the way they look in the mug.

Cloth Christmas Napkins

The Coca-Cola caddy is a recent yard sale find. We use cloth napkins every day, so I pulled out all of our red ones, and stuck them inside. The vintage holiday napkin in the front is another recent yard sale find. I paid $.50 for a set of three of them. It looks like someone made them out of a vintage tablecloth. I’m guessing it was their way of salvaging a stained tablecloth. Three is kind of an odd number for napkins, so I plan to make more napkins to go with them. I’m envisioning a mix-and-match set of vintage fabrics. I already have a fun red-with-white-polka-dots fabric picked out.

Vintage Elves

And see those three characters hiding in the back of the caddy? Those are our elves. We got an Elf on the Shelf a few years back (like everyone else). Then, my youngest daughter started finding vintage ones at yard sales and estate sales. So far, she’s bought two.

Vintage Santa

The vintage,hand-painted Santa came from a church rummage sale about a month ago. I paid all of $.50 for it. It’s cut out of wood, which makes it even cooler to me. The kids refer to him as Creepy Santa. Apparently they have bad taste.

Sideboard Decorations

Now, let’s zoom out for a sec, so you can see it all together, before we move on to the rest of the dining room decorations.

Vintage Christmas Card Holder

I fell in love with this vintage Christmas card holder as soon as I saw it. It was in my friend’s thrift store (which sadly, is closed now). I don’t think I paid more than $2 for it.

Vintage Christmas Card Holder - Closeup

And just look at all that detail. A lot of work went into making it, that’s for sure.

Wrapping Paper

The wrapping supplies have been taking over my bedroom for the last couple weeks, so I finally trudged down to the basement to see if I could find a container for them. I came back with this old enamel pot, and I quickly decided it was pretty enough to serve as a decoration. So, it’s on display in the dining room now, which is actually a handier place for it.

Christmas Tree in Galvanized Wash Tub

That galvanized wash tub by the wrapping supplies is home to our vintage aluminum Christmas tree. I found it at the World’s Longest Yard Sale three or four years ago (the tree, not the tub). I think I paid $20 for it. I’d have to go back and check.

Aluminum Christmas Tree

The tree was a little shorter than I wanted it to be, so I made a lap around the house for ideas, and when I spotted our wash tub in the garage, I knew I had a winner. I’m a bit obsessed with galvanized metal, so I’ll take any excuse to bring more in the house.

Aluminum Christmas Tree - Decorated

And I love that it’s something a little different from the norm.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Our tree is mostly decorated with ornaments that the kids made. Lots of nice memories are hanging on that tree.

And now that you’ve seen our tree, let’s continue our tour in the living room.

Santa Claus Figure

I found this Santa Claus at a church rummage sale for $1. He isn’t old, but he’s still cool.

Christmas Stockings

And here are our stockings. They’re hanging from stocking hangers that I ordered from Pottery Barn (more rewards from our dining room table purchase). And they’re engraved with our names. I need to work some reds into the mantel somehow. It’s still set to last year’s color scheme (which was heavier on the browns).

Santa Chair

At least this Santa chair adds a big splash of red to the fireplace. We found it at a Habitat store for $1 when the kids were babies, and they’ve grown quite attached to it. This year, when we brought it up, they told us we’re never allowed to get rid of it. #noted

Now, let’s head upstairs, so I can show you our trees on the landing.

Vintage Santa Tree

We have this silver tinsel tree (a curb find) all decked out in vintage Santa Claus ornaments. The girls and I look for them when we’re out yard saling.

Vintage Santa Tree - Top

It’s amazing how many different ones they made.

Vintage Santa Ornament

But this one is definitely my favorite. I love his beard.

Chartreuse Christmas Tree

The landing is also home to our chartreuse tree (a thrift store find), which is normally covered in tiny vintage glass balls (another thrift store find). Apparently my 11-year-old tree decorator got tired of hanging balls because this is how I found it. Guess I have some ornaments to hang.

Apple Rack Christmas Tree

And my 13-year-old daughter added this to the mix. It’s one of our apple racks all decked out in ornaments. Apparently she likes to shop in our basement, too because that’s where she found the rack. We hadn’t settled on a color scheme when she set this up, so I’ll probably switch the gunmetal balls out for red.

Mini Aluminum Christmas Tree

And this is the tree that she set up in her room. It’s the mini aluminum tree that I got at a church rummage sale.

I’d show you my youngest daughters tree, but that would probably leave me grumbling about a messy room, and I’d rather focus on all the pretty Christmas decorations. So, I think we’ll end the tour here. Hope you’ve enjoyed it.

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  1. Thank you, I DID enjoy it. That red & green felt and button ornament gave me an idea, need to see if I get time to play around, I have lots of felt and buttons……

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