We Hit 200,000 Miles!

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200,000 Mile Odometer

Earlier today, while headed back from thrift shopping, our Jeep hit 200,000 miles. So, naturally, we did what any frugal person would do: we pulled over and snapped a picture of our odometer. Because hitting the 200k mark is cause for celebration. It might even be something to brag about. Forget about fancy cars and car payments; driving a car until the wheels fall off – that’s much more impressive.

And I even have a plan in the works to flaunt our high-mileage status. More on that soon. But, in the mean time, I’d love to hear from other high-mileage vehicle owners. How many miles do you have on your ride? Are you on your third transmission and your second engine overhaul? This is your chance to brag.

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  1. The most we’ve ever put on a car was 225k. We would have done more but someone hit us and totaled it.

    We currently have a Honda Civic with 180k and a Honda Accord with 130k on it. The reason we bought Hondas is that we know many people who have hit 300k. My cousin hit 350k on his little Civic (it was his dad’s commuter for years, then his mom’s errand car and then his first car).

    My uncle is a mechanic and he gives me the unbelievable family rate of $20/hr plus parts. He also goes to the scrap yard and salvages parts, so a replacement transmission runs about $300. So basically two month’s car payment if I had to finance a new one. Given that, I plan to drive both of these cars to 300k if I can.

    We always have one car that is older/higher mileage/less reliable and one that is more reliable. I have to drive an hour to work 2-4 times a week, so I take the reliable car on those days. We use the other car around town. Once my reliable car starts to get a bit iffy for driving that far, we’ll start looking for a replacement for me. Then hubby will get my old car and we’ll sell his really old car.

    1. Sounds like you have a great strategy. You’re very fortunate to have a mechanic in the family who’s willing to cut you a deal. My dad is a mechanic, but he lives 8 hours from me, so he isn’t able to work on my car anymore. Guess that’s what I get for moving so far from home 🙂

  2. Our trusty Honda Odyssey van has 22oK on it right now. It is on its second transmission and we have done the typical shocks, struts, etc now and then but otherwise it is fine! We haul all kinds of things in there from bikes to hay bales, compost, and sail boat gear. Yay for vehicles that are paid for and we don’t have to worry if there is a “little” beach sand on the mats!!!

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Our jeep is old enough that I don’t stress a little dirt from our camping gear and curb finds. Wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

  3. I drove a 2000 Beetle 326,000 before it finally died. Bought it new out of the show room and sold it to a scrap dealer. Have always believed in using a car up. I parted with it begrudgingly and with a heavy heart. Am hoping to get at least 300,000 out of each of the cars I have now. Aside from the usual milestones to celebrate, I celebrated and took a picture of the odometer when it passed the distance to the moon – 238k.

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