Weekend Homestead: Two Months In

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Pig Close-Up

It’s been two months since we started working on our little weekend homestead. Here’s a look at what we’ve gotten done.

The cabin now has a back wall, so this view is gone for good:

Back Wall of Kitchen

And now that that’s taken care of, we’re working on the side wall.

Side Wall Before Tear Down

The rim joist needed to be replaced, and there were several other issues with that wall, so we tore it out and started over.

Side Wall of House Torn Out

Good bye old wall.

Side Wall with Door Installed

Hello progress.

And look – a door! Aren’t we fancy?

We still have a few things to do to finish that wall. There’s a window that needs to go in, another piece of sheathing that needs to go up and some blocking to add. But we almost have the cabin closed in!

I can’t wait to start working on the fun stuff.

Oh, and we met one of our neighbors while we were up there working a couple weekends ago. My husband was headed to the bathroom, when a pig walked out of our bath house! How crazy is that?


She was really friendly, and her owner soon came looking for her.

He ran home to get his kids to round her up (apparently she only listens to them), and she immediately took off down one of our hiking trails.

Pig Close-Up

The girls followed after her, so we’d know where she was when they came back for her. Now, they’re telling their friends they went hiking with a pig. Ha!

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