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Weekend Homestead: Week 1

By Erin Huffstetler | 10/14/2014 | 8 Comments

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The kids were out on fall break last week, so we loaded a U-Haul with tools and building supplies, and headed up to our new weekend homestead to get started on the renovations. I had big hopes of getting the cabin closed in on this trip, but the weather had other plans for us. It pretty much poured the entire time we were there. So, we tweaked our plans, and we still managed to get quite a bit done. Here’s a look at our progress:

This is what the front of the cabin looked like a week ago.

Cabin - Week 1

And here’s what it looks like now, after bush hogging and the first wave of construction.

Front Door

Direct your eye to the right end of the cabin, and you’ll see that we have a new front window. But wait; that’s not all …

Back Wall of Living Room

because if you walk through the front door, you are no longer met with this surprise.

Temporary Shelter

Yep. We have four walls. Aren’t we fancy? We spent the first two days closing in the living room, so we’d have a place to stay while we worked.

Wood Stove

We also brought up a wood stove on this trip. After we pick up one more piece of stove pipe, it’ll be operational. This stove model is supposed to heat 1,000 square feet, so we should be nice and cozy this winter.

Back of Living Room Wall

And here’s the exterior side of the new living room wall. We have a shipment of cedar shingles arriving today. They’ll go over the tar paper that you see now. And that window … it was a $10 yard sale find. How awesome is that?

Bathroom Before

We also ripped up all of that yucky flooring in the cabin …

Cabin with Flooring Removed

and we’ll be replacing it with pressure-treated plywood as soon as the joists dry out. Unfortunately, someone swipped several sheets of roofing tin last year while the cabin was sitting empty.

We tried to get there before the rain to get the roof tarped, but no such luck.

Patched Roof

At least we got the roof patched on this run. And with all the rain, it’s been well tested.

Bath House - Week 1

Whenever there was a break in the rain, I fired up the bush hog and got to work taming the overgrown field.

Bush Hogged Field

It’s starting to look a lot better.

If things dry out fast enough, we should be able to work on the flooring and back wall on our next trip. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. WOW! what a difference! You guys are moving right along and getting lots done in a short time. That’s great.

    and you know how to bushhog? way to go girl!! I cant wait to see how far you get along before real winter sets in.

    what’s your timeframe to get done and try to move in? Good luck, stay dry and warm. Keep posting, its quite interesting to see what you’ve accomplished.

    Have fun!

    • Bush hogging is a new-to-me skill. I’m sure I’ll be gaining all sorts of interesting skills with this project 🙂

      We’re aiming to have the cabin closed in before winter. Last week’s rain has slowed us down a little bit (we’re still waiting for joists to dry out), but we got some more framing done today, and we got the wood stove in place yesterday. It kept us toasty warm last night.

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