What $25 Will Buy at an Estate Sale

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Sony Blu-ray Player

Yesterday was an absolute killer day for deals. We hit an estate sale at a fancy schmancy house, and I was absolutely blown away by how cheap the prices were. Here’s what we got:

A Sony Blu-ray player with built-in Wi-Fi for $6. We bought two of these a few years back, and I think we paid $99 a piece for them. With the 9.75% sales tax that we pay in Tennessee, that’s like getting a Blu-ray player for less than the cost of the tax. We’ll tuck this one away as a replacement for whenever one of ours dies.

Apple TV

Apple TV with remote for $5. Current retail: $99. Both of my sisters have Apple TV, so this will allow us to share movies with them for free.

LED Floodlights

(2) LED floodlights, new in the box for $3 each. These currently sell for $31.97 each at Home Depot. We switched to LED bulbs in the house last month, and we’re just a couple bulbs away from having all of the outside lights switched out. Bring on the lower electric bills.

Pure Guardian Humidifier

A Pure Guardian humidifier for $1. I bought a couple of these a few years ago, and we absolutely love them. They’re the quietest humidifiers we’ve ever owned. I saw one on Craigslist a couple weeks ago for $30, but I couldn’t convince myself to get off the money (even though they retail for $120+). Looks like waiting paid off.

Speaker Mounting Brackets

Speaker mounting brackets for $2. Current retail: about $20.

Manilla Envelopes

25 manilla envelopes for $1. I use these to ship the towels I sell on Etsy, and I was just about out. I usually pay $1 for six, so this was a nice savings.

Water Cooler

A water cooler for $3. These currently sell for $44.87 at Home Depot. We’ll use this to haul water up to the cabin until we get the well squared away.

Red Mattress Ticking Fabric

Red Mattress ticking fabric for $1. I plan to use it to make throw pillows for the cabin.

Total everything up, and that’s over $450 worth of stuff for $25! See, I told you it was a good day, and I haven’t even shown you what I scored at Staples yet.

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  1. Hi Erin, looks like you made a real haul! great eye for the bargains.

    to bad you arent closer – I’m decluttering, hoping to move south – and you could really make a haul at my house! hate to hold yard sales (love going tho) so getting rid of stuff to goodwill/salvation/aspca etc, hubby will be doing “his” thing (he’s “stockpiled” all kinds of things) when the weather gets a lot warmer! its freezing/windy up here in the mtns.

    cant wait to leave! take care,

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