Why I Keep a Wish List

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Wish List
My husband has picked out everything we’ll need to add a trailer hitch to our Jeep.

There are lots of things my family does to save money, but keeping a wish list is definitely a biggie. I started a wish list on Amazon years ago, and my husband and I both use it to keep track of the things that we need and want.

When we found a portable air conditioner for the cabin at a thrift store last month, my husband looked up the vent kit and exhaust hose we would need to run it, and added them to our wish list. It’ll still be several months before we need them, but now we have our research out of the way, and we can decide when to order them.

This month, I added a pouring shield for our KitchenAid mixer and leather conditioner for the sofa set we just snagged at Salvation Army. Having a place to keep track of all our wants and needs makes it easier to prioritize our purchases.

Whenever we earn a free Amazon gift card, we review our list, and decide what we should order next. This week we ordered new brake pads for the Jeep.

Placing items on our wish list also gives us an opportunity to save for things. We’d really like a new kitchen knife set, and I’ve been eyeing a Silhouette machine for quite a while, but they’re both big-ticket items, so those purchases are going to have to wait. And that’s okay. Since they’re on our wish list, we know just how much we need to save before we can buy them.

And if the price drops on either item, our wish list will alert us to the price change. Pretty nifty.

Our wish list also helps with gift giving. Whenever I think of something that the kids would love, I add it to our list. Right now, I have a zipline kit and a slackline set on our wish list. Those are big items, so they’ll probably have to wait till Christmas.

Books on My Wish List
I have the hardest time allowing myself to buy books. Fortunately, my mom doesn’t have the same problem.

And I should point out that our wish list also helps other people with gift giving. I always used to be stumped when my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday or for Christmas. I just couldn’t think of anything off the top of my head. Then, one year, I offered to send her a link to my Amazon wish list, and she’s never asked me for ideas again. Now, things just magically disappear off of my wish list and appear in a gift wrapped box. It’s really fun to get some of my want items. Practical me always takes care of the need items first.

Since I’ve chosen to give my extended family access to our wish list, I maintain a second, private list for any gift ideas I have for them. It’s really nice to have ideas at the ready when a gift giving occasion comes up — especially for those hard to buy for family members. Shopping for dads is tough!

And can I just say how satisfying it feels to order something off of our wish list. When you make yourself wait for something, you just appreciate it more. I’ve been saving up for a chain saw for months, and it’s going to feel so stinking good when we finally get to buy it.

Do you keep a wish list? I’d love to hear from you.

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