Wringer Washer Makeover

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Rusty Wringer Washer

Shortly after we bought our cabin, some of our back-to-lander neighbors gave us a fully-functioning wringer washer that they were no longer using. After several years of doing everything the hard way, they’d decided to buy a modern washer and dryer.

I had a bunch of ideas for how we might use it, but we were focused on other projects at the time, so we just tucked it in the bathhouse, and moved on to other things.

And that’s where it sat for the next four years. Right up until this past January, when I decided to bring it home, and use it on our porch.

Wringer Washer Prepped for Painting

The enamel on the top portion of the wringer washer was in good shape, but the base was pretty rusty, so it got a fresh coat of paint.

It took me a while to settle on a color, but this week I finally chose …

Spray Painted Wringer Washer

rose gold. It should go nicely with the new color palette that we have planned for the little cottage that sits on the back of our property.

Close Up of Painted Base

I just pulled all the tape and paper off this afternoon …

Repainted Wringer Washer

and I love the way it turned out. For now I’m leaving it empty because I can’t decide if I want to use it as a planter, a party cooler or a store display. There are just so many fun possibilities.

Ringer Washer Planter


I decided to give the wringer washer a permanent spot on our cottage porch. To keep it multi-functional, I went a bit unconventional and filled it with fake flowers. This allows me to have a bit of color in a spot that’s too shady for most flowers to thrive, and it gives me the perfect hiding spot for my garden tools (I keep them stashed under the flowers). To use it as a drink cooler, when we we’re having a backyard party, we simply lift the flowers out temporarily. Easy!

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