Yard Sale Find: Hobart Mixer

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Hobart Mixer

Here’s our first big yard sale find of the season. This 20-quart Hobart mixer normally sells for around $5,300 new, or $1,200 used, but we got it for $200!

It was at the last stop on our yard sale route (a church sale), and when we got there, they were busy packing up. We spotted the mixer in the back of a pick-up truck, and thinking it might be headed off to a thrift store, we decided to ask about it. Unfortunately, we were told someone had already taken it. Bummer.

Not sure whom the truck belonged to, my husband suggested we leave a note on the windshield with our contact information, in case they were interested in selling it. So, that’s what we did, and later that night we got a call!

Turns out the truck belonged to a high school kid who was helping pack up the sale, and the mixer and a couple other large, unsold items had been given to him.

Apparently someone had put a hold on the mixer, but never come back for it. So, at the end of the sale it was still sitting there.

He didn’t have any plans for the mixer, so we agreed to a price, and picked it up the next day (all 200+ pounds of it).

I hope to set up a commercial kitchen for MFH in the near future, so this is a nice step towards that goal.

Had any good yard sale finds lately? I’d love to hear about them.

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    1. One thing I’d like to do is package and sell my homemade mixes and extracts. I seem to do a lot of recipe development these days, so it would also be nice to have a dedicated work space.

  1. nice find! I haven’t been that lucky. I did find 2 real wicker rockers and end table for my front porch for $45. They were probably $500-$600 new for the set. I recovered the cushions on the rockers and they’re good to go.

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