Yard Sales are My Super Store

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Yard Sales are My Super Store

Forget about WalMart and all of those other big-box stores. If there’s something I need (or want), I can usually find it at a yard sale. Last Friday’s haul is the perfect example. Check it out:

Butternut squash is a staple in our house. We use it in soups, pasta dishes, baked goods and desserts. Yet, I somehow forgot to plant it this year. Not willing to pay grocery store prices for butternut squash, I figured we’d be eating a lot less of it this year, that is until we rolled up on a yard sale with baskets and baskets of the stuff. At 50 cents a squash, I loaded up. All told, I ended up with about a bushel’s worth. Looks like I’ll be making lots of puree.

Brown McCoy Dishes

While I was busy buying squash, my husband spotted this dish set. If you saw my post about our World’s Longest Yard Sale finds, it probably looks awfully familiar because we bought the same pattern there about a month ago. It’s McCoy, and an incredibly rare pattern. I can’t believe we found more of it (and so soon after our last purchase).

Brown McCoy Bowls

I’m loving these big mixing bowls, and can’t wait to use them.

Small Freezer

My chest freezer (and fridge-top freezer) are so full I couldn’t even buy ice cream this summer. We’ve been looking for a second chest freezer for a while, but hadn’t found anything affordable. Freezers have really gotten expensive!

Well, I’m pleased to say we finally found our second. They were asking $75 for this one, but my husband talked them down to $55. Score! The previous owner said it had only been used for eight months. We looked it up online, and this particular model sells for $250 at Lowes! Now, to find a sale on ice cream. Stat!

Keen Sandals

My shoe stockpile keeps me from having to pay retail for my kids’ shoes. This pair of Keens ($1) is the latest addition to my collection. It’ll probably be two summers before my oldest fits them, but the price was right.

Garden Netting

I use garden netting to keep the birds off my grapes and fruit trees, so I was pleased to snag another bag of netting at a yard sale for a buck (sure beats what I paid for it last year).

Mesh Food Cover

I don’t come across these mesh food covers at yard sales very often, but when I do, I snag them. I’m now up to four. They’re a big help at outdoor parties.

And that’s everything from this week’s haul … I can hardly wait to see what I’ll find next week!

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